Holding Sarir Sanate Amir is the only distributor of KSI products in Iran

KSI (Korea Safety Innovation) is the first manufacturer of safety roller barrier in the world

CE, E.U. EN1317 (H1, H2)
AASHTO, M.A.S.H (U.S.A) Test Pass (TL3, TL4, Transition)

‘Safety Roller’ will provide a solution to serious traffic accident.

‘Safety Roller’ is a safety fixture that prevents drivers and passengers from fatal accidents by not only absorbing shock energy but also converting shock energy into rotational energy.
‘Safety Roller’ needs to be installed at sites where vehicles are exposed to frequent accidents.
‘Safety Roller’ will safely lead a vehicle back to the road or stop the vehicle by absorbing shock energy.
‘Safety Roller’ will effectively function for drivers to properly control vehicles with its noticeable color and self-luminescence.

Usage: Median strip, Road Sides, Bridge, Sharp curves,Parking area, Lake,Motorbike Road.