Sarir Sanate Amir Holding group

Sepehr Sanate Steela Co

The company was founded in the year of 2005 under the name of Amir Cutting Services as a steel service center, using 20 years of managing experience in steel market of Iran. After some years, due to achieving customer satisfaction, high service quality, competitive pricing, innovation and the steel industry market demands of the country, started manufacturing and selling different types of open steel profiles and coverage sheets and in 2010 has been registered under the name of Sarir Sanate Amir company under the Registration No. 42153.

Therefore, with buying from Aria Sanat Coran and Sepehr Sanat Steela companies, and having the high experienced managing team and achieving the levels of success in steel industry, Sarir Sanate Amir has become a holding group.

In order to expand Its activities and attendance in international markets, this company started to import and export legal products to and from Asian and European countries.

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